Baby Soap vs. Baby Wash: Which One To Pick?

Baby Soap vs. Baby Wash: Which One To Pick?

Your little bundle of joy’s skin is more sensitive and tender than yours, which makes them more susceptible to external stimuli. And thus, the products you apply on their delicate skin should be carefully inspected and chosen. Besides, with the market flooded with so many baby care products, choosing the right one can be a little intimidating.

When it comes to baby bath products, you must have wondered which one to go for – baby soap or baby wash. In this blog, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of how to choose the best baby bath products to protect your precious one’s sensitive skin. Read on to know!

Check the ingredients:

When you’re buying a product for your baby, make sure to take a thorough look at all the ingredients. Additionally, refrain from products that contain harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens, polyethylene glycols, mineral oil, phthalates, silicone, and other toxins. Some baby soaps contain harsh components like sulphates and polyethylene glycol. Prefer a gentle body wash for your newborn that is infused with certified and natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and hydrolyzed rice protein, for intense nourishment and protection.

Opt for allergen-free fragrance:

When selecting a baby wash, it’s essential to prioritize those with allergen-free fragrances, so that it doesn’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. By opting for an allergen-free option, you’re choosing a safer bathing experience that reduces the risk of irritation or discomfort. Infused with an allergen-free fragrance, CITTA’s Tender Foaming Baby Wash is a specially formulated wash that ensures a soothing bath time routine for your little one.

Go for skin-friendly pH products:

Most baby soaps comprise a significant amount of alkaline and therefore, having a slight increase in pH level can make it acidic. It can damage your precious one’s skin, making it prone to skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Make sure to buy a baby wash that is pH balanced, meaning that it is neither acidic nor alkaline. CITTA’s Tender Foaming Baby Wash for newborns and babies comes in a skin-friendly pH formulation that delicately washes dirt off the skin without stripping off its natural oils. The gentle formulation is infused with natural ingredients that cleanse skin while soothing dryness.               

Check if the formulation is tear-free:

Make bath time a breeze by choosing a wash that comes with a tear-free formulation as accidental splish-splash can result in teary eyes. Baby soaps generally contain chemicals and additives, and when they come in contact with your little one’s eyes, end up stinging them. For a giggling bath time, go for a tear-free formulation that contains natural ingredients and is gentle on your baby’s skin. Make sure it is dermatologist-approved and meets the highest standards of baby skincare.

Go for a formulation that restores the moisture barrier:

When it comes to choosing a baby wash, it is important to check the level of nutrients and essential oils in it. Baby soaps contain a high amount of chemicals that help manufacturers bind them together. These chemicals can strip off the natural moisturizing molecules of your baby’s skin. Formulated with gentle coconut-oil-based cleansers, CITTA’s Tender Foaming Baby Wash for newborns effectively cleanses and moisturizes newborn skin, nourishing it from within. Its ingredients, like hydrolyzed rice protein and aloe vera, act as natural anti-irritants that protect the skin. Additionally, coconut oil helps replenish the moisture barrier

How to apply CITTA’s Tender Foaming Baby Wash?

Free of harmful chemicals like parabens, sulphates, silicones, allergens, polyethylene glycol, and other toxins, CITTA’s Tender Foaming Baby Wash is very easy to apply, making your precious one’s skin clean, soft, and nourished. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Begin by wetting your baby’s skin with warm water. This helps to prepare the skin for cleansing and ensures that the product spreads evenly.
  • Pump 2-3 times for a good amount of Tender Foaming Baby Wash onto your hand.
  • Gently massage the foaming wash onto your baby’s skin in a circular motion. Start from the neck and work your way down, paying special attention to areas prone to dirt and moisture buildup, such as the diaper area, folds of skin, and behind the ears.
  • Once done, rinse off the foaming wash thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to remove all traces of the product to avoid any residue buildup, which could potentially irritate the skin.
  • After rinsing, gently pat your baby’s skin dry with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing the skin too vigorously, as this can cause friction and irritation.

Now that you have an idea of what to choose for your baby’s sensitive skin, go ahead and let the splish-splash adventures begin!

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