create best baby nourishing care with CITTA's baby oil

CITTA’s 12-in-1 Nourishing Baby Massage Oil: Create Nourishing Bonds With Your Baby

The practice of massaging a baby has been an Indian baby care tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. Grandmothers or mothers were the ones who would usually perform the massage on the baby with gentle, caring hands, and then the baby would be given a bath with lukewarm water. Massaging your baby with the right oil offers multiple benefits for your baby and you.  Because it involves touch, massage is an excellent way to bond with your baby. The tactile stimulation creates a sense of security and pleasure in the baby and the mother. Researchers have found...

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8 tips from doctor on how to protect your baby


Pollution has rendered the air in New Delhi and neighbouring regions unbreathable. Stubble burning occurs in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and U.P., causing enormous air pollution. In Delhi-NCR, one member of every four or five families suffers from adverse health consequences due to rising air pollution. Doctors are saying that the AQI values in the region remain dangerously high, and it's not a pretty picture. The bad air quality threatens the health of those who breathe it, including children, adults, the elderly, and animals. Exposure to air pollution has become fatal for babies and reduces lung function in childhood. The pediatric...

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One stop solution of baby bath and skincare

Choose Goodness. Choose CITTA.

As parents, we only want the best for our baby. The best nutrition, the best care, the best home. But in day-to-day life, parenting can get extremely overwhelming. Taking small steps toward choosing goodness every day, for ourselves and our babies, can help you to regain control of the situation. We would like to help you choose the best for your baby. When you become a parent, you focus religiously on your babies’ nutrition, sleeping patterns, vaccination schedules, and keeping them out of any physical harm’s way, and rightly so. But what can often get missed is your baby’s skin...

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Best natural alternatives of talc for baby powders

Best Natural Alternatives of Talc for Baby Powders

Talc is the softest known mineral on earth mined from rock deposits. Finely ground Talc powder is known to absorb moisture, reduce odours, and cut down friction. Due to these properties, Talc has been a common ingredient in Talcum Powders and many other cosmetic products for a long time. But talc has also been linked to several serious illnesses, such as Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, and Ovarian Cancer. While further studies are necessary to conclusively determine the detrimental effects of Talc, experts advise against using Talc-based products. If talc is harmful to our health, what are its safer alternatives? We have...

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