Best Natural Alternatives of Talc for Baby Powders

Best natural alternatives of talc for baby powders

Talc is the softest known mineral on earth mined from rock deposits. Finely ground Talc powder is known to absorb moisture, reduce odours, and cut down friction. Due to these properties, Talc has been a common ingredient in Talcum Powders and many other cosmetic products for a long time.

But talc has also been linked to several serious illnesses, such as Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, and Ovarian Cancer. While further studies are necessary to conclusively determine the detrimental effects of Talc, experts advise against using Talc-based products.

If talc is harmful to our health, what are its safer alternatives? We have researched the best natural and safe alternatives to talc to help you:

Corn Starch:

Corn Starch or Corn Flour is the starch obtained from the grains of corn. It absorbs moisture well, which makes it a good replacement for Talc. Corn Starch particles are bigger than Talc particles, which makes it difficult to be inhaled by babies (unless an excessive amount is applied to the baby) – which, again, makes it a better alternative.


Kaolin is a type of clay also known as Cosmetic Clay. It is a naturally absorbent material that is known to effectively absorb excess oil from the skin. It does not dry the skin out, but rather soothes it, which makes it suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Rice Starch:

Rice starch is made by grounding rice grains into a fine powder. It was used as a cosmetic powder before talcum powders came into the markets. It is safe to use on the skin but has a tendency to cake, which is why it is generally avoided in powders.

Oat Kernel Flour:

Oat Kernel Flour is loaded with the goodness of the soothing agent beta-glucan, skin-nourishing lipids, and moisturizing carbohydrates. This makes it a great ingredient for dry, irritated, inflamed, or eczema-prone skin; and a perfectly safe and natural alternative to Talc in Baby Powders.

Corn Starch, Oat Kernel Flour, and Kaolin clay are the safest natural alternatives to Talc in Baby Powders. They absorb excess moisture and oil from the baby’s skin while also soothing it.

CITTA’s Soothing Talc-Free Baby Powder provides you with the perfect blend of these natural ingredients so that your baby’s skin stays fresh all day. It is dermatologically approved and has a unique silky texture that soothes the baby’s skin. The Soothing Talc-Free Powder also prevents rashes and itchiness.

Next time you are buying a powder for your baby, remember to check the ingredient label carefully. Look for the alternatives we discussed above and make a safe choice.

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