best gift for the new bornbaby

Why CITTA’s products are the best gifts for newborn parents

The gifting season is upon us! It's time for sweets and elaborate meet-and-greets. After our beloved Bappa’s visarjan, everyone eagerly awaits the splendid Navaratri and Diwali festivities. Finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones during this festive season can be a much-dreaded task for many of us. And especially if they are for new parents and their babies! But with our guidance, you don’t have to look too far for help. We at CITTA are here to put your gifting woes away! Entering parenthood is a joyous occasion! Every experience with the baby is novel and fulfilling. What every...

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6 magical wat to keep your baby's skin moisturized

6 magical ways to keep your baby’s skin moisturised

Most new parents are surprised to learn that baby-soft skin is often a myth. Skin problems are frequent in the first year of a baby's life. Since the baby’s immune system is still developing, it makes them prone to illnesses, especially when the season changes, so it's time for extra care. The blazing sun has given way to the breezy weather, and while we can't wait to snuggle up in warm blankets and drink soothing hot chocolate as winter approaches, our health may not be on the same page. A change in season brings with it many health risks, especially...

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advantages of shea butter for baby skin

The Miracle Moisturizer for Your Baby: Shea Butter

Babies' skin is extremely delicate, but they frequently develop dry or rough patches. When it comes to protecting your baby's sensitive skin, simple and natural solutions are always better. Babies are exposed to irritants daily from birth, including home items, skin care products, and environmental contaminants, which can be harmful to their health and sensitive skin. Even the well-known moisturizers on the market contain significant amounts of harsh chemicals that could harm a newborn's sensitive skin. But nothing can beat natural skincare regimens when it comes to babies. According to ancient history, our grandmothers used jars of rich shea butter...

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10 common skin problems among infants

You don't know these 10 common skin conditions among infants

A mother’s womb is considered to be an unassailable place for any child. It takes months of care and nurturing to transform a fetus into a human body and during the whole process, the womb acts as a shield for the child, protecting it from every possible danger of the world outside. The hard part of the journey commences when the child is delivered and exposed to the harsh elements of this world. As the two are completely different spaces, very often, newborn babies are unable to adapt to the new environment. From birth to the initial years, a child’s...

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