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How to prevent allergies in newborn - CITTA WORLD

How to prevent Allergies in Newborns.

What is Allergen-Free? Whether you are visiting a pharmacy, a cosmetics store, or browsing e-commerce websites selling skincare products, you will constantly be exposed to the term, “allergy-free products” or “organic skincare”. While these tags are not novel, they have gathered a greater level of consumer attraction. Brands have taken it upon themselves to manufacture and market products, which fall under this category of adult and baby skincare essentials. However, what does this tag indicate? “Allergen-free” simply refers to a product being manufactured without using ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, in India, there is a dearth of...

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7 Skincare tips for newborn babies

7 Skincare tips for newborn babies : what you need to know as a new parents

As a new parent responsible  for a delicate newborn baby, it’s natural to feel a little anxious and overwhelmed at first. Here are our top seven tips for caring for a newborn baby’s beautiful skin!

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