Side Effects of Holi Colors and Safety Tips for Holi

Side Effects of Holi Colors and Safety Tips for Holi

The most awaited summer festival is upon us! Gujiyas and Namak Paare are getting ready to energize you for the fun-packed celebrations. The vibrant colours are calling you! Aren’t you excited to celebrate Holi with your friends and family? Because we sure are! To make sure that Holi 2023 is the happiest for you, here are a few tips from our side.

Precautions you should take for Holi:

Play only with organic Holi colours

According to folklore, Lord Krishna acquired a deep blue skin color in his childhood after drinking the poisoned breastmilk of a she-demon, Putana. In his youth, he would worry if his beloved Radha or any other girl would ever like him. One day, Krishna’s mother asked him to color Radha’s face in any color he would like. Since then, the day is celebrated as a festival of love in the northern parts of India.

Traditionally, Holi was meant to be celebrated with Gulal, a powdered color made with natural dyes which were also beneficial for the skin. But today, mass-produced colours may contain chemicals that can be really harsh on your skin. The ill effects are worse on your baby’s or toddler’s skin, as their skin is much more prone to irritation than adults'. This is why one of the most important precautions for Holi is to play with organic Holi colours. Look for authentic brands with fair manufacturing practices and ethical sourcing. You can go one step further and make organic colours yourself using natural and skin-safe ingredients like turmeric powder, beetroot, and black carrots. This could become a fun activity with your kids or even a yearly Holi tradition!

Protect yourself and your kids from the multiple Holi colour side effects

Colors used for playing Holi can contain multiple harmful substances like heavy metals, powdered glass, chemicals, and pesticides. Holi color side effects can range from skin irritation to severe respiratory issues.

For eyes:

The harsh chemicals can enter your eyes and cause a burning sensation, which might be worsened by excessive rubbing. The colours can also cause allergic reactions leading to reddened, swollen, and watery eyes.


  • Avoid wearing contact lenses. The harsh chemicals can cause an infection by smearing your lens.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from any misfired water balloons and to prevent colours from coming in contact with the eyes.
  • Avoid touching your eyes while playing Holi.
  • Do not rub your eyes! Rubbing can aggravate the problems further.
For skin and hair:

Chemical Holi colors can cause itching, dryness, irritation, rashes, as well as a burning sensation on your skin. For young kids, these effects can be really pronounced.

  • Moisturizing skin with a natural oil-based moisturizer before heading out to play with colours is very important for your skin, and more so for your baby/ toddler’s delicate skin. This creates a barrier between your skin and the colours. It also helps the colours to be taken off easily upon washing. Our Natural Moisturizing Baby Balm with 7 natural oils is perfect for your little ones’ skin.
  • Similarly, oil your hair or wear a bandana/ scarf/ cap to cover your hair. The chemicals can dry out your hair.
  • You’ll need to protect your nails too! Paint your nails with two coats of good quality nail paint to prevent your nails from getting stained.          
  • Use lighter colours like pink. Avoid dark colors like blue, violet, or black as they might not come off as easily.             
  • Dress yourself and your kids in full-sleeved clothes to create one more barrier between your skin and the colours.

Tips for removing Holi colour from your face and hair

Be gentle on your skin and hair. Even though you might feel tempted to scrub your face and hair until the last remains of colour disappear, it is a really bad idea. Vigorous scrubbing can irritate your skin and if you use a soap with harsh chemicals, it can further damage the already sensitive skin. Rinse your face with cold water and use a mild cleanser that is toxin-free to wash it. For your babies, our Tender Foaming Baby Wash offers extremely gentle cleansing while also nourishing and conditioning their skin with the goodness of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Coconut extracts.

For your hair too, using a gentle cleanser that is non-drying is essential. First, wash your hair with plain water to remove as much color as possible. Next, use a natural shampoo with hydrating ingredients to wash off the colours. For your kids, our Gentle Foaming Baby Shampoo works the best as it is enriched with Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, and Olive Oil and does not dry off their hair.

Remember, you should avoid taking a bath with hot water because that can be extremely drying for your skin and hair. Cold or lukewarm water works best. Moisturize your skin with a thick natural moisturizer post-bath. Also, avoid facials or bleach, or any other kind of treatment for your face for at least 4-5 days after the festival celebrations. Give your skin some time to breathe and restore its natural balance before subjecting it to any new treatments. CITTA’s natural hydrating Face mist with Rose and Aloe Vera can help you heal your dehydrated skin and rejuvenate it.

Safe Holi is a Happy Holi!

From kids to oldies, Holi holds a special place in everyone’s heart. The colour of festivals is a unique festival that allows us to come out and celebrate together in a fun manner. Buying colourful water guns and pichkaaris, filling up water balloons, mixing up your favourite colours in water—these are some of our fondest childhood memories associated with Holi.

To celebrate the festival with love and joy, we should make safety a priority. Apart from all the precautions we have listed above, there are a few more things you can do to ensure that Holi 2023 is the safest you’ve ever celebrated. Do not drink and drive. Avoid travelling to overcrowded places if you have any chronic respiratory diseases, and celebrate safely at home. Take good care of your pets too, walk them early in the morning before the celebrations begin, and then ensure that they stay at home with their favorite toys. Educate children to be caring towards animals and not throw any colours or water balloons at them.

We hope you have a happy Holi!

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