Everything You Need to Know About Baby Skin Care in Winter

baby skin care tips in winters

Winter has arrived with its share of harsh, drying winds. The temperature levels have dropped, and so have the humidity levels. While this can take a toll on everyone’s skin, babies’ skin is especially vulnerable during the winter season. Babies have delicate skin which is thinner than adults and thus loses moisture at a much faster rate. Their skin barrier function is still at a developing stage, due to which their skin is more prone to infections. This is why you need to be extra careful with your baby’s winter skincare routine!

Read on to know 7 skin care tips for babies which will ensure that your baby’s skin remains supple and nourished this winter:

Stay Hydrated:

It is essential that you and your baby both stay hydrated to maintain soft and supple skin. According to your baby’s age, ensure that he/she gets the required amounts of fluids every day, whether that is breastmilk or water. Hydration is also important for the overall health of your baby.

Moisturize your baby’s skin regularly:

To avoid dryness and itchiness caused by the nippy weather, make sure that you moisturize your baby’s skin regularly, especially before and after an outdoor trip and after a bath. Regular moisturization with an anti-microbial, an ti-inflammatory, natural moisturizer can also help prevent eczema flare-ups on your baby’s skin. Try to find a moisturizer with a thicker texture than creams or lotions, since that can lock in the moisture for a longer period of time. CITTA’s Moisturizing Baby Balm with zero water content is a great option.

Avoid long, hot baby baths:

While you may feel that a long, hot baby bath is right for the cold winter, it can actually be excessively drying and deplete your baby’s skin with its oils. It is preferable to have short baths with lukewarm water. It is also necessary to use non-drying, gentle cleansers on your baby’s skin that are free of any harsh chemicals. CITTA offers a Tender Foaming Baby Wash which is natural and non-drying. It is also anti-irritant, making it safe even for babies with sensitive skin.

Don’t forget your baby’s scalp!:

Harsh chemicals in certain baby shampoos can dry off your baby’s scalp and hair. Combined with the effects of winter, it can result in an irritated, flaky scalp. To avoid this situation, use a mild and natural baby shampoo made with nourishing ingredients like CITTA’s Gentle Foaming Baby Shampoo which is enriched with Almond oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, and Oats. It can cleanse and nourish your baby’s scalp and hair at the same time.

Protect your baby’s skin with oil massage:

Oil massages for babies offer multiple benefits when performed with the correct oils. A blend of natural oils with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, like CITTA’s Nourishing Baby Massage Oil, can help to protect your baby’s skin from infections. Massages are also helpful in improving the texture of your baby’s skin and nourishing it deeply. Consult a pediatrician to see if baby massage is the right thing for your baby.

Ensure that your baby wears soft, breathable fabrics:

Rough fabrics can irritate your baby’s delicate skin and cause rashes as well. So make sure to choose softer fabrics for your baby. Layering is also a good idea, you can add or remove pieces of clothing as the weather changes through the day.

Invest in a humidifier:

The winter season can exaggerate dryness in the air, but also the ill-effects of air pollution. Investing in a good humidifier is a good idea to stay safe from both. It can make the cold weather more comfortable for you and your baby. Run a humidifier through the areas of your home where you spend maximum time so that your home and your skin maintain good moisture content.

We hope that with these winter skincare tips for your baby, you will be able to sail through the winter without worry!

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