About Us


Never underestimate the power of a Grandma!

As a child, the first memory a baby has is that of its mother. Most babies begin recognising their Mothers as soon as they turn three months. When such a strong bond is forged at such a young age, it is bound to be a strong, defining relationship for both mother and child. 

Akanksha and Monisha Sharma - co-founders and mother-daughter duo are a testament to this precious connection. 

As a daughter, out of all the lessons and habits Akanksha imbibed from her mother, skincare was something she cherished a lot. They began CITTA with a sole objective in mind- to combine this country’s traditional heritage while providing the ease and convenience every mother needs to take care of her child. While Akanksha had the wholesome,  grounding experience of being cared for by her grandmothers, not every child today has that privilege. Her goal is to provide babies with that nourishing experience so hat maybe one day, they remember the fragrance of CITTA just as fondly as she reminisces the aroma of her grandma's hands.

Nothing deterred our grandmothers from providing us with the best nourishment, and nothing can dissuade us either. After all, we have Grandma's seal of approval.


Welcome to a world where Tradition meets Science

At CITTA, we believe that the 'Magic' truly lies in Grandma's soft, wrinkled hands nourishing the baby's skin with a combination of carefully chosen oils and ingredients. The hero ingredients in every CITTA product form the perfect balance between tradition and science, providing your baby with the right kind of nourishment from Day one.

CITTA's roots lie in the extensive research undertaken to understand the customs, rituals, and practices followed across the country.

We've created a product range after we conducted thorough research on the traditions of childcare across our country that our grandmothers have passed to our mothers, and we came to the conclusion that every grandmother has their own methodology. Our products are extensively tested at an R&D lab with a history of over 20 years in research to create products that have been tested multiple times. 

As a brand, we want every child to feel the endless love of a grandmother. So we've created a more convenient option for mothers by creating a product that literally bottles traditional practices advice and is available for the modern mother.