If you’ve just had a baby you are DEFINITELY going through this!

baby care tips for upcoming problems as new parent

Any individual who is becoming a parent for the first time will attest to the fact that whoever you come in contact with in the first few months, categorically appoints themselves as an advisor. The irony here is, you never really asked for it.

Sometimes advice is great and sharing your concerns and experiences with others might actually lead to a healthy discussion about parenthood. However, more often than not, the well-meaning ‘help’ that others offer can become suffocating and create a lot of confusion.

Becoming a parent, either for the first time or otherwise is a time of great joy, however, it can also be overwhelming and stressful. Added to the unsolicited advice by everyone who is not your doctor, parents can end up feeling anxious and overly burdened.

Here are a few instructions that you shall definitely hear often and should decide for yourself whether they work for you or not

Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

This a great idea in theory, but this might not work for some moms. While you have a new baby and need to get enough rest, there is also laundry piling up, dinner to prepare and a hundred other chores that can only be done when the baby is fast asleep. Also, sometimes it just helps to watch an uninterrupted episode of Bridgeton to keep your mind off things while the baby sleeps.

You Only Need A Handful Of Outfits For The Baby, maybe 4-5- This is by far the funniest piece of advice anyone can give you. Considering how often you'll be changing, burping and feeding your baby, there is a high chance you'll need five pairs of clothes in a DAY.

Don’t Pick Your Child Up When He Wakes At Night – Let Hem Cry It Out

There is absolutely nothing healthy about letting your child cry for hours on end. In the beginning, babies require a lot of attention and comfort from their parents and this does mean 3 am wake-up calls and sleepless nights However letting your newborn ‘cry it out’ as a sleep training tactic is not a recommended practice. If your baby has been crying incessantly for hours it’s okay to put them down for a few minutes to give yourself a break, however as a sleep tactic it could have adverse effects.

Get a babysitter

This is a choice that each parent makes and cannot be a blanket rule. While some prefer to have full-time help to clean, cook and help with the chores, others choose to hire a babysitter about 8-9 months in. Family and close friends will have many opportunities to babysit and have that special time when the baby is older. But spend as much time as you can with your newborn, because they sure grow up really fast.

Therefore, new/expecting parents- keep your cool. There are dependable resources today that help you do the right research for your baby and while some advice does work, it's imperative that you find your own groove. Becoming a parent is beyond special and you want the best for your child. Make informed decisions, and navigate through this complicated phase in your own unique and beautiful way.

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