How to make a special gift for Mother's Day?

How to make a special gift for Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (14 May, in case you’re wondering)! While mothers need to be appreciated every single day, Mother’s Day presents a wonderful opportunity to celebrate them and make them feel special. Whether you want to make your mom feel special or send love to the mother figure in your life, a thoughtfully curated gift is a great way of showing what she means to you. Keep reading for Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can put together easily for every type of mom!

Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? If your mom is someone who prepares elaborate meals for the family every single day, preparing her favorite breakfast for her on Mother’s Day is a gesture that she will surely appreciate, and remember for a long time. Is there a special family recipe that she makes only on celebratory occasions? How about you making it for her instead? She will definitely love it.

A thoughtful addition to the backyard garden or kitchen garden

Does your mom have a green thumb? Do you sometimes wonder if she loves her plants more than you? If that’s the case, adding some exquisite orchids in a planter customized with her initials is sure to impress her! Think of her preferences when you go to the nursery — is she a flower person? Or more of a leafy plant person? Is there a herb she’s been meaning to get for ages but just didn’t get the time for?

Personalized self-care hamper

Mothers do so much for everyone every single day! Whether your mother is a homemaker or a working mom, most likely, motherhood leaves her little-to-no time for self-care. A special hamper with curated self-care essentials can make her feel special while also making it easier for her to indulge in self-care rituals. Create your very own mix of luxurious skincare, comforting scents, and healthy, indulgent snacks to show her that she deserves the best care. Remember to choose natural, healthy, and safe products made from the highest quality ingredients — skincare, makeup, or snacks. Also adding products that are easy to use and really essential, like our Hydrating Mist and Moisturizing Balm, which make for the easiest yet luxurious skincare routine post-bath, is a great idea. Think of how you can make her life easier and better while curating this hamper, and she will surely be impressed with your efforts. 

Customized home decor pieces

If your mom is someone who obsessively curates home decor and has a theme for every quarter of the year, gifting her a custom home decor piece with her initials is a great idea. You could get it done such that it follows the current decor theme she has going, and she would really appreciate your attention to detail. On the other hand, if your mother loves collecting home decor items from her travels, you could customize a timeless piece with a travel memory together that she would love to display around the house. 

The classic greeting card and cake

A Mother’s Day greeting card coupled with a delicious cake makes for a charming gift for every mother! Greeting cards can seem like a boring option, but they have an old-world charm that’s unparalleled, especially when they are handmade. Write a heartfelt message on your Mother’s Day card to make it special for your mom. You could even include her favourite poem in there! These are simple gestures, but they say so much. To see her kids devoting their time and efforts into making something beautiful exclusively to celebrate her — no mom would not like it! 

The mother figure in your life deserves to be appreciated, loved and celebrated for everything she does. Thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts can be a great way of making her feel special and showing how much you care. We hope that this list helps you to put together a gift that your mother will cherish for a long time. Happy gifting!

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