How to treat heat rash in babies?

How to treat baby heat rashes

Temperatures have started to soar all around us, summer is at its peak. Besides being overall exhausting, the scorching heat combined with excessive sweating is also an invitation for heat rash in babies. It can be a cause of major discomfort for your baby as well as you. 

Heat rash Symptoms?

Heat rash, also known as prickly heat, summer rash, or miliaria rubra, usually shows up as red bumps on your skin. Your baby can show multiple symptoms of heat rash, and they can vary according to their skin type as well. Heat rash can cause your baby’s skin to be inflamed and irritated. Other symptoms include redness, itchiness, or a burning sensation. A heat rash can appear on any part of the body including the face. Mostly, however, the rash will appear where there is friction due to rubbing of body parts, or where tight clothes rub against the skin of your little one. Inner thighs, neck folds, armpits, and elbow or knee creases are babies' most commonly affected areas.

If you observe any other severe symptoms, like fever, sore throat, pus, or infected rash, or if the rash persists for a longer time, you should seek medical attention at the earliest.

Summer Skincare Tips for your babies

Why is heat rash caused in babies?

Heat rash is caused when sweat gets trapped under the skin. Typically, when sweat remains in contact with the skin for a long period of time on hot and humid days, the sweat ducts become clogged, resulting in a heat rash. This can happen if your baby is overdressed — the extra layers of clothing can make it difficult for sweat to escape. Non-breathable, synthetic fabrics and tight-fitting uncomfortable clothes can also lead to a similar situation.

How long can heat rash last?

Since a baby’s skin is not able to regulate temperatures as well as an adult’s, and because it has a higher base temperature, it is more prone to heat rash and other types of rashes. But a heat rash usually goes away on its own, in around 2 to 3 days. With proper treatment, you can make your baby’s heat rash clear up faster.

How do you get rid of heat rash?

There are certain home remedies as well as treatments that can help you get rid of the heat rash your little baby is suffering from.

Move your baby to a cooler environment

The first step is to make your baby feel a little more comfortable by moving him/her to a cooler environment and allowing their overheated sweaty skin to air-dry. This could mean an air-conditioned space or a naturally well-ventilated space.

Dress your baby in lightweight breathable fabrics with a loose fit

Appropriate clothes can make your baby feel comfortable and cool. Remove extra layers of clothing.

Cool down the affected skin with a cold compress

If the affected area is small, dab a piece of cloth in cold water and gently apply it over the area to cool it down and relieve irritation. If the affected area is large, you can consider a quick cold bath without using any soap. You could use gentle cleansers with non-irritating ingredients, such as Baby Wash.

Dust the affected skin with Baby Powder containing Oatmeal

Oat Kernel Flour helps to soothe your baby’s inflamed skin and reduces itchiness. Dusting the heat rash-affected area with a baby powder that contains Oats and other naturally absorbent ingredients like Corn Starch can help to keep your baby’s skin dry and irritation-free. Talc Free Baby Powder is made with Corn Starch, Oat Kernel Flour, and Kaolin to absorb excess oil and moisture while also soothing your baby’s skin.

Use medicated creams to soothe the rash

Medicated creams containing Zinc Oxide can help to soothe your baby’s rash.

Do not use detergents and skincare products with harsh chemicals

Your baby’s skin is extra sensitive when affected by a heat rash. So you must be extra careful about any products you put on their skin. Avoid products containing harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, allergens, and toxins. You could explore CITTA’s range of baby skincare products for gentle skincare that will not irritate your little one’s skin.

Heat rash can be painful and make your baby very uncomfortable. However, it usually clears up on its own in a few days. Home remedies and the right treatment can ensure a speedy recovery for your baby. Apart from that, you can keep your baby well-hydrated and in cool environments to prevent heat rash. Dressing them in breathable fabrics is also a helpful idea. With these tips, we hope you will be able to navigate through your baby’s heat rash episode.

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