3 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Use Adult Products

3 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Use Adult Products

As a new parent, you do everything you can to ensure that your baby feels comfortable and stays healthy. When it comes to taking care of their skin, you research the safest baby care products and buy only the ones your paediatrician approves of. Every spot on their skin, and every rash is a cause for concern to you, and you are prompt at addressing it. But things change when your little baby heads into toddlerhood, and then, before you know it, into an almost independent preschooler kid! While every parent knows that a baby’s skin is different from that of an adult, with a kid’s skin, many parents feel confused. Kids aren’t as delicate as babies, but also not as tough as adults! Their skin, much like their growing bodies, has its own set of needs which is different from that of an adult. So if you are thinking of using adult skincare products on your kid’s skin, you might want to reconsider. Here are 3 reasons why kids shouldn’t use adult products, especially when it comes to their skin:

A kid’s skin is structurally different from that of an adult’s

Skin performs multiple functions. It is our body’s barrier against physical, biological, and hazardous chemical substances and also helps to regulate temperature via mechanisms such as sweating. The skin barrier function in kids is more developed than in babies, however, it is still not fully developed. Their skin is also thinner than an adult’s. As a result, a kid’s skin is less resilient and is affected more by environmental triggers and changes such as temperature changes, pollution, and harsh sun rays. It is more prone to loss of moisture, dryness, irritation, sunburns, and any skin infections/allergies than an adult’s skin.

As such, using adult skincare products for your kid is not a great idea. Your kid needs products that are specially formulated for their developing, sensitive skin. The skincare and bath products you use for your kid should be free of harsh chemicals that can irritate their skin. They should specifically address kids’ skincare issues such as dry skin and scalp, itchiness, and rashes. CITTA’s Baby & Kids range of skincare and bath products is crafted with nourishing natural ingredients in formulas that are toxin-free, effective, gentle, and safe for 0 to 10-year-old kids. Tender Foaming body wash is enriched with hydrating Aloe Vera and anti-irritant Hydrolysed Rice Protein to nourish the skin and prevent it from dryness post-bath. Soothing Talc-Free Powder is designed to absorb excess oil and sweat from your kid’s skin with an innovative and safe formula made of Corn Starch, Oat Kernel Flour, and Kaolin Clay.

A kid’s skin is more prone to pH level changes

The pH level of the skin is one of its key protective mechanisms. The optimal skin pH for the face and body is somewhere around 4.75-5.75, meaning that it is slightly acidic in nature. When this pH level is disturbed, the imbalance interferes with the functioning of the protective barrier, and the skin becomes more prone to infections. The imbalance can also cause the skin to become excessively dry, irritated, or sensitive.

External factors such as temperature changes, harsh chemicals in skincare products, and pollution can affect our skin’s pH level. As a kid’s protective skin barrier is still developing, it is more prone to pH level changes. Your kid needs superior skincare products free of harsh chemicals, and ones that will maintain his/her skin’s natural pH balance while nourishing it, like CITTA’s range of Baby & Kids products.

A kid’s hair is structurally different from that of an adult’s

Kids' hair is texturally thinner than adults. Their scalp also produces lesser oil than an adult’s. As such, using adult hair care products, which mostly contain chemicals designed to remove oil from the hair and scalp can work adversely for your kids’ hair. Your kid may even be sensitive to the strong fragrances used in adult products.

CITTA’s Tender Foaming Shampoo is enriched with three natural oils to ensure that your kid’s hair stays well-nourished, hydrated, and soft at all times. It is free of harsh chemicals and contains an IFRA-certified mild fragrance that is allergen-free, making it perfect for your kid.

While parenting kids can be a challenging task, taking care of their skin doesn’t have to be as difficult! By understanding the differences in their skin and hair as compared to adults, you can make the right choices for them.  

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