5 Common Myths about Natural and Non-toxic Baby Care Products

5 common myths about natural and non toxic baby care products

"Organic."  "Natural."  “Non-toxic." "Naturally-derived”. These sound like great terms when it comes to baby care products, right?

Today, as a new parent, many informational resources are available to us, including the internet, other experienced parents, a bookshelf's worth of books, and our baby's pediatrician. On any baby care issue, though, we're likely to encounter a wide range of information—and not all of it is reliable. This misinformation, which ranges from what to do if the baby has a fever to how to introduce solids, can be more than just enraging; it can even be detrimental to the baby's health. As a result, it is even more important to avoid poor counselling.

Here are a few common myths regarding safe, natural baby skincare products to debunk before the next paediatrician appointment.

Myth #1

“Eco-friendly” or “non-toxic” means chemical-free


The definition of "eco-friendly" is subjective. The term "eco-friendly" has no set meaning. Even the words "healthy" and "non-toxic" are equivalent. Look closer to determine if a product is healthier when you see an eco-friendly or non-toxic label. To learn about the ingredients of a product, look at the label and brand certificates. CITTA adheres to the principle of 100% transparency, so the ingredients we use are all listed on our product label.

Myth #2

Natural ingredients do not release VOCs (volatile organic compounds), or if they do, they are not detrimental to health.


Natural ingredients can release VOCs (gases that contain carbon). These VOCs can have the same effect on health as VOCs emitted by synthetic substances. Ensure that the natural ingredients used in the formulation are plant-based or of high quality and have passed stringent quality checks throughout the production process.

Myth #3

“Toxic” ingredients aren’t toxic in baby care products because they’re in such small amounts.


The above myth harkens back to an earlier conception of toxins. While discussing the detrimental effect of hazardous chemicals in non-toxic baby care products, we all know that our environments expose us to low-dose toxins daily. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, often known as hormone disruptors, are a significant type of toxin that act in the body at lower levels than other types of toxins. Even in everyday life, these toxins are found in our food, drink, skincare, cleaners, and housewares. Babies are especially vulnerable because they have underdeveloped immune and detoxifying systems and are exposed to more diverse sources than adults (since they crawl around and put everything in their mouths).

Myth #4

All-natural is 100% safe.


Something is not necessarily safe just because it is natural, just like not all synthetics are dangerous. Any product that contains water or is applied by dipping fingers into the container (such as our moisturizing baby balm) is more likely to foster bacterial growth. These products need preservatives. Even if safer preservatives are available, it is not always a good idea to seek preservative-free products. CITTA's moisturizing baby balm contains 7 natural oils with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent rashes on your baby's skin. These natural oils are derived from plants and undergo several quality checks.

Even though they are natural, essential oils need to be utilized carefully. Certain oils should not be used on babies, as they can irritate their skin. CITTA’s Nourishing Baby Massage Oil is a blend of 12 natural plant-based oils that are safe and gentle on a baby’s skin. It prevents rashes and nourishes your baby’s skin deeply.

Myth #5

Organic is good for babies


The world has been swept up in the revolution of organic products. Organic refers to growing without the use of chemicals. However, it has often been found that the composition of organic products contains a lot of dangerous chemicals. In addition to being costly due to the "organic" label, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that organic products are beneficial. Don't just look for products that are organic; rather, look for baby products that are formulated with ingredients such as Natural Vitamin E, Sunflower oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Basil, Almond Oil, Shea butter or Glycerine. Also, be mindful to pick a product that is free of harsh chemicals like paraben, sulphate, silicone, toxins, and mineral oil to ensure that the product is mild on your little one's skin. Just like CITTA’s entire range has the goodness of handpicked natural ingredients that are mild, gentle and safe for your baby’s skin.

In today's world, consumer awareness regarding chemical-laden products is steadily growing, emphasizing the need for natural skincare products. More consumers are switching to premium and natural products. While more individuals are making the switch, many are also becoming aware of the chemicals used in skin care products and adjusting to a natural and safe skincare regimen. Especially for babies, parents are becoming more cautious about the products and brands they are using. They are looking for convenience while maintaining safety.

We at CITTA consciously offer convenience, safety, and traditional skincare recipes from our grandmas that are natural, safe for your baby, and provide the best nourishment.

Choose consciousness, choose CITTA!

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