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While bath time is the most fun time of the day for mother and baby, the post-bath time ritual is equally special. Your baby's skin is at its most sensitive after a nourishing bath, and it is imperative to tend to your baby well. Citta’s soothing Talc-free baby powder is the 'all-natural solution to your baby's skincare needs.

Created with the unique combination of Oat Silk and corn starch, our baby powder contains natural anti-oxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties and leaves your baby's skin feeling like silk. Citta's soothing baby powder prevents rashes and itchiness with a supreme absorption capacity, allowing its skin-friendly pH properties to help your baby's skin stay fresh throughout the day. Keep those diaper rashes at bay Mom's and Dad's; the ultimate solution for your baby's skincare is finally here. 

Quantity : 200g 

 *All our products contain natural ingredients. Different skin types may react differently to natural products. Conduct a patch test by applying a small quantity on the elbow. Discontinue if any irritation occurs and wash with cold water. Natural products may change fragrance or colour over time, however this does not affect the functionality of the product.


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Lovely baby powder.

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